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My pets.

People get a kick out of doing most extraordinary things. I'm lucky to have a cat called Duysya. It's a he- cat. He is 2 years old, but is as playful & energetic as a kitten. He takes part in our family activities & is good to have around, generally. On Sundays our family takes 30 minutes drive to our dacha in the country. In fact, it's just a small cottage on a small plot of land, but there is my friend- dog Romka. He is a big Caucas dog. He guards the house from the burglars. I forgot to mention that my grandparents live there. They are on pension now & live in the country the whole year. They keep a lot of animals- a cow, a calf, one sheep, 2 lambs, & a dozen of hens with the cock. I like them all, like to watch for their behavior- they are very funny. The only thing that troubles me is the fact that we need to collect hay for them. It's not an easy thing, it's a very hard work. But if you visit Banya in the evening you will feel as fit as a fiddle. So I'm looking forward for summer, for holidays.
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