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British Education

Education in Britain has a controversial area of national life periodically since 1945 subject to major changes as successive governments tried to improve it. Schooling system in Britain is compulsory, that everyone main stage a cheerful, well-ordered, peaceful, but purpose full school with a friendly atmosphere in which children get up rather than compulsion. It also aims to help pupils to develop personal moral values, and respect for religious values and tolerance of other races religious and way of life, also appreciate, human achievements and aspirations. The aims of all schools are similar but the structure of educational system of different countries is different. Education in Britain is compulsory and free for all children between the ages of 5-16. School children attend a primary school for 6 years (from 5-11). They study general subjects. After the age of 11 most children go to a comprehensive school. This school is the standard form of secondary education in Britain. Comprehensives admit pupils of all abilities. But there are also other types of schools: they are grammar schools which offer a predominantly academic education and secondary modern schools where education is more practical. To go to a grammar school pupils have to pass the examination. Pupils in all State schools study 10 main subjects. The core subjects are modern languages, technology, art, music, physical education, religious education is also taught. It is compulsory and repealed for all pupils as part of the basic curriculum, although parents have a ought to withdraw their children from such classes.
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