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1. The USA is situated in the central part of the North American continent. Its western coast is washed by the Pacific Ocean and its eastern coast by the Atlantic Ocean. The hiland regions are the Appalachian Mountains in the east, and the Cordillera in the west. The main rivers of the USA are the Mississippi, Saint Lawrence River and Hudson River. The USA is a very large country, so it has several different climatic regions. 2. The population of the USA is more then 236 million people. Most of the people live in towns. The largest cities are New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelhia, Detroit, San Francisco. The capital of the USA is Washington. Its a very small town. 3. The USA is a highly developed industrial ountry, and its agriculture is highly mechanized. The state of Illinois is especially rich incoal. Iron is mined near Great Lakes and in other areas. The USA has rich oilfields in California, Texas, Alaska and other. The heavy industries are for the most part in the Middle West, around Detroit and Chicago, and other. Ship-building is developed in San Francisco and Seatle. The machine-builing is highly developed especially in Detroit. 4. The USA is Federal republic consisting of fifty states,each of which has its own government. The president is head of the state and the government and chooses the ministers. Congress consists of two houses, the House of Representatives and Senate. In the USA there are two main political parties, the Democratic Party and The Republican Party. The communist Party of the USA is a party of action, a party working for socialism.
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