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The city is the place where situated all industrial cultures & education centers. In big cities you can find museums, theaters, clubs, cinema ,big shops & hospitals People try to live in cites be-cause all necessary objects are situated near For example if you ill the hospital or chemist shop will situated near your home in the city but if you live in countryside it will hard to find any medicine help or hospital fare from city. Also in big cites you can fiend all sorts of entertainment such as cinemas clubs entertaining parks & so on. Many people like to spend their free time in clubs ,entertaining parks because it is help them to relax & bring them a lot of pleasure It is really comfortable that everything you need in daily life situated near you. One of the most important comfort of big cites that you can fast drive up to your job for example. Yes, it is really comfortable, & at first glance everything is good but nowadays big cites there are a great amount of cars & factories Big cites suffering of overpopulation, duty of air, & water, The streets became nosy & after hard working day people can not relax. People try to do everything to go to countryside because only where they can fiend quite. Every holiday & every week-end people try to leave their houses &go to the village. As for me I prefer to live in big cites because A lot of big shops situated near my home, but I also like to spend my holidays in the countryside because after I spend in city about 9 months I began to get tired.
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