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The Rough Portrait

In order that the reader from the first lines of this laconic labour understood, what he, actually, reads, I shall state the essence of the given work. My task is to depict a portrait of the person, well known for me, and, I think, the fact that as an image for display I have selected the beloved girl is quite logical. Frankly speaking, I should fulfil the similar work for the first time, accordingly I beg the reader to condemn style and essence of the statement of this treatise not too strictly. My chosen girl bears widespread, but rather beautiful name: ANN. Being born under the sign of the Lion, she is naturally the extremely selfish girl. I suppose, that selfishness - the most vulnerable party of her character, because it's rather easy to injure it, even having a conversation about the most ordinary things. She is very haughty and often goes with unreasonable highly lifted head. By the way about a head, her head, as it seems, is rather correct form, though at first it can be seemed, that the plump cheeks give her an excessive roundness. Ann's got the dark - chestnut hair, by average length. She is especially charming when her ringlets twist, creating the wonderful image. The features of her face are extremely soft, even, carefully looking, it is difficult to find the rough lines or distorted forms. I'm not the master of describing a man's face with appropriate vivacity, therefore I'll make only mention, that her beautiful grey eyes, looking at you from the bottomless depths, are in harmony with already mentioned pink cheeks, scarlet lips, correct form nose and perfected chin. Now, I guess, according to above-stated it is easy to comprehend the source of her's selfish nature don't using the influence of Lion's constellation. However let reader does not think, that this girl, stamping by pride, is not capable to self-renunciation and self-scourge; she's got the natural forces which can resist an attack of her's selfishness and triumph in struggle with it. She is very kind and sympathising and never remain deaf to the martyr's groanings. She is ardent and gentle soul, the flower, which being grown on the ground of environmental world of foulness and abomination, similarly to all known heroine of the Hugo's novel "Repudiated": Kozetta, has remained pure and chaste, and has bristled up by thorns, which is called as pride. However these abstract reflections, as it seems, do not give any useful information, therefore we shall continue only the physiological description of her's body. Ann's growth is hardly lower than yours most obedient servant, that is about 168 centimetres, she's a beautiful figure and athletic constitution. The Frenchman probably would call her pretty, but I prefer to call her charming. The above mentioned head harmoniously is supplemented by the thin neck, rather fragile shoulders, beautiful hands and average of length legs. Her body, arrayed in the beautiful clothes, is represented itself a show verily magnificent, even the most experienced person can come into the confusion. But enough these pathosfull and ardent speeches, because all that you read above is only my personal vision of her, and is doubtless that the reality of my description can be subjected by the reasonable criticism, but as a whole, I believe, I have not departed far from the truth.
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