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Music in my life

Nowadays many people enjoy music as their hobby. Thanks to this fact you can make many new friends, you can exchange cd’s, records, listen to music together and visit different concerts. For my person, music plays more important role in life than good pastime. It is something, which helps me to be in a good mood, understand different things and remove from tension. Music brings me pleasure and keen delight and fills my life with great expectations of joy and happiness. It stirs up my imagination and fills my mind with new ideas. There are a lot of different styles of music. Such as: Jazz, Pop, Rock, Classic; and new musical directions Such as: Rave, Hard Core, Jungle, Break Beat RAP, Hip-hop, and many other. But I don’t respond only to one definite musical style and my interests’ range from alternative to classics. At home I have a fine collection of CD’s, which includes rock, electronics, jazz, folk and classics. Also I have big collection of music, video clips and photos of different bands on my computer. I always am in a rate of events occurring in show business. A great amount of the information I find in Internet. As I’m a great listener, my mum often tells me off for putting hi-fi on too loud. She doesn’t like loud and noise music. She prefers classics. Sometimes my mother and I visit operas and concerts. My comprehension of music and sensitivity to different styles usually depend on my mood. For example when I’m sad or feel bad I prefer gloomy and melancholy music that can reflect spirit of moment and express my thoughts. If I’m in a good mould I prefer rhythmical dance music, and of course in a company of good friends. I want tell you some information about one of my favorite music style – Jazz. JAZZ. In the span of less than a century, the remarkable native American music called Jazz has risen from obscure folk origins to become this country's most significant original art form, loved and played in nearly every land on earth Today, Jazz flourishes in many styles, from basic blues and ragtime through New Orleans and Dixieland, swing and mainstream, bebop and modern to free form and electronic. What is extraordinary is not that Jazz has taken so many forms, but that each form has been vital enough to survive and to retain its own character and special appeal. It takes only open ears and an open mind to appreciate all the many and wide-raging delights jazz has to offer
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