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Music in Our Life

People can not live without music. They can listen to the music everywhere even in the forest, when they walk and hear birds singing. Music can be classical and modern. Classical music is performed by symphonic orchestras in the great halls. There are a lot of famous composers whose music is played nowadays. Classical music is serious and requires good understanding or it may seem to be boring and dull. Most of the people prefer modern music. Modern music is performed by TV and radio. Modern music has different kinds: pop, rock, disco, rap, techno,HARDCORE and others. Young people like techno and disco. Older people are fond of jazz, rock and pop. There are a lot of singers or music bands who performs this or that kind of music. Everybody knows the founders of rock music. They are "Beatles" and Elvis Priestly. Now there are a lot of discs and records of different performers. The last achievement in music production is clip. Musical clips are short films accompanied by melody. It may be a short story about what the song is or simply a great number of different shows. People like to watch clips because it is not only listening to music but also watching interesting things. I'm fond of music and like to listen to it for it helps me to have good relaxation.
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