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Music plays a very important role in our daily life. We are accompanied by it everywhere: on TV and radio, at home, and even at school. Wherever we go in the evening to cafe or bar, to club or to a disco - everywhere we will be met by music. In such places music is their integral part, because it raise the spirit of the visitors, makes the atmosphere more comfortable and more cheerfully. As for me, I listen to music with pleasure. Music always helps me. When I am bored or have a bad mood, I always listen to music, it always raises my spirit and makes entourage more cheerful, when I have an excellent mood, I turn on music, something cheerful and active and I feel myself on the top of bliss. I have a lot of cassettes and CDs with the different music from classics to rock. From music I like everything, that sounds well, but most of all I like modern music, because I am a modern man and I try to go together with the time. From the modern performers I like the American group " The Offspring " most of all. I like their music, because it is energetic and dynamic, but most of all I like the texts of songs of this group, they are sometimes sad, sometimes ironic, but never boring, because it is spoken there about problems of youth, about everything, that troubles a modern society. I dream of visiting sometimes a concert of this group. From classics I like Mozart most of all. I admire the talent of this great musician and composer. He composed music, played on a violin and clavecin, when he was 5 years, when other children are not able to read yet. During the 34 years of life he wrote 18 operas, 50 symphonies, 30 concerts for a piano, a lot of sonatas and songs. Especially I like three most famous Mozart's symphonies. It is the symphony № 39, it shows there the life of the man with her difficulties and pleasures, it is the symphony № 40, it shows there the deep, lyric and poetry of human soul, and it is the symphony № 41 (The Jove), it shows there all world, all universe with its contrasts and contradictions.
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