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Cinema is the favourite & most widespread form of entertainment both for children & adults. Everyone finds smth that satisfies one's tastes. The viewers are transported to the screen, & take part in the action, performing the most extraordinary deeds that they would never do in real life. People.identify themselves with the characters, & they worship the movie stars , whom they want to imitate. There are films that are real works of art. They require some thoughtful viewing. When I want to go to the cinema I usually see the programme what films are on. Then I phone my friends & we discuss what films to see. I prefer feature films but also enjoy cartoons & popular science films.. To see a good love story, musical or detective film is a very pleasant way of spending free time. The last film I saw was the screen version of the novel Gone with the wind- by M.Mitchel. It's an old film, but still it enjoys great popularity. The cast is led by great actress Vivien Leugh. I was deeply impressed by acting & the film itself. It hasn't lost its visual splender by the passage of time.
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