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Robin Hood

Robin Hood and his men fought against monks and Norman barons who oppressed the people. Robin Hood took money from the oppressors and gave it to the рoor people. The sheriffs tried to arrest him but could not do it. At last the sheriff of Northampton decided to organize a shooting contest where he could arrest Robin Hood. He knew that Robin Hood could shoot very well. The prize was a golden arrow. Robin Hood called his men and asked them whether they had to take part in the contest. They decided that the risk was great but they had to go. The day of the contest was fine and clear. The town was decorated with flags and the field for the contest was full of people. The sheriff looked everywhere for Robin Hood and his men but did not see them. He knew that they were always dressed in green. The contest was won by a man dressed in red who had come from a village with a company of young men. He received the Golden Arrow and left the town. Nobody thought that it was Robin Hood. When leaving the town Robin Hood shot an arrow into the sheriff's open window. There was a paper at the end of the arrow with the following words: "Robin Hood thanks the sheriff for the Golden Arrow."
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