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Pushkin, Alexander

Russia gave birth to many wonderful people, who made great contributions to all fields of human activity, such as science, art, various discoveries, & so on. The world knows our composers, ballet dancers, writers. As for me, I think one of the greatest men, who influenced Russian & world culture, was Alexander Pushkin. I believe that in his prose & poetry he actually created the modern Russian language, the language we use today. He was born a nobelman & lived a life of a nobelman. He studied at an exclusive school, lycee. He visited all those balls, & parties, & receptions at court. But he managed to feel & know the souls of ordinary Russian people of all walks of life. His power of observation was so great, that in his works he drew a comprehensive picture of life in Russia at that time. It's a strange phenomenon that poets do not live long. I think that is because the candle burns so brightly & so fast. Pushkin was killed at the age of 37 at a duel that was a result of intrigue & scandal connected with the name of his wife. But poets do not die. If you asked Russian people who their favourite poets is, most would answer "Pushkin". Small kids learn to read using his fairy tales, & this admiration of his poetry just stays on. His works are read & enjoyed by all those who love the Russian language & Russia.
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