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Watching TV is certainly the most popular adult leisure activity everywhere 83% of our citizens asked in the survey say they watch TV at least once a month. Most people regard TV as a form of recreation, they just want to relax & get some thrills. And the best thing for this is home. TV offers a very diverse stream of information & entertainment- news, documentaries, cartoons, movies, sports, games. Some people spend hours watching everything that is shown. I am not a TV addict, I prefer radio, because you can do something & listen to it at the same time. Mostly it's music, which helps up to keep a good spirits, the latest news & some useful information. But what I like best is a good intelligent book. Someone said that reading to the mind is what exercise is to the body. Books cannot be replaced by all the mass media in the world. Reading is a perfect combination of business & pleasure, of intellectual work & entertainment. So, I switch off TV & open a book.
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