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It is difficult to imagine our life without TV, radio, cinema and theatre. TV is a great force in the world. It enriches1 our intellect, gives us opportunities to see the best actors and performances, to hear the latest news, to listen to political discussions. TV gives wonderful possibilities for education and helps us to relax after a day's work. There is a considerable variety of programs, and we can choose what we want to see. TV brings the world into our living room. We can learn more of other countries, customs, occupations, opinions, problems - you can see a pro-gramme which enjoy you most: current events, documentaries, sport and educational programmes, films, plays, the arts, news, variety shows, etc. You always decide which programme is the most exciting, valuable, informa-tive or amusing and is worth seeing. Some people think that it is a waste of time watching TV. Besides, it leads, as they say, to poor health through rushed meals, lack of sleep, eyestrain. People begin to forget the art of conver-sation. They sit glued to the TV screen instead of visiting. As for me I prefer watching action movies in Nakhodka TV and on holidays I enjoy all Russian canals. My family prefers the news canals and serials. I often like listening music and watching clips on TV. My hobby is computing I think "Computer World program" is valuable for me. I try to know the latest models of modern computers in the world. To my mind it is very exiting. TV is the greatest invention of man.
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