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About Newspapers

The mass media (radio newspapers TV) are aimed at the widest possible and audience. They .play the important role in reflecting the life of society and in building opinions. The mass media can draw the publics. attention to the most serious political, economic, social and ecological problems. They are doing much to excite an interest in every aspect of the country's life. The aim of mass media is not only to inform the people of everything that is going in the world but to help them understand and correctly interpret the events. Information plays a very great educational role. Newspaper is one of the most important mass media of communication in modern world. The press always focuses public attention on all the most important questions of social, economic, scientific and cultural life. Most newspapers in our country come out daily, besides there are some weekly newspapers too. Many newspapers have traditional columns such as "Letters to the Editor" , "Contacts and Information", "Events: Details and Analysis". The edition board of a newspaper usually deals with the topical issues of the day. The readers questions, opinions and suggestions which they send in letters the editor help to improve the newspaper and make it more interesting: "Republic" is the leading national daily newspaper in Belarus. It keeps people informed on topical issues of the day. Reports by political observes and commentators help us get useful information at home and foreign affairs. This year our family has subscribed to the daily newspaper "HMH" which is very popular with all the members of our family. We are in the habit of reading it in the evenings. My brother is fond of reading interviews given by famous people. My father consider that the most interesting are publications, dealing with our states peaceful policy, economic development, education and science. I share his point of view and I would like to add that public life rich in interesting and important events, receive an objective information and full well-informed in all Holds of our society, life economic, political, cultural and scientific. This edition is worth reading and helpful to us in understanding our surroundings. I would like to subscribe to "Minsk News" on English bi-weekly edition, which is educated since 1992. I would like to read articles in English to improve my knowledge of the language. It's my firm belief that if you are a regular reader of the press, you will be well informed in all questions. Thanks to the Journalists and correspondents the press keeps it's finger on the pulse of the country and the world.
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