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Travelling by air . Give your counter reasons in fever of flying.

It is very interesting to travel. You can see other countries, continents, you acquainted with other people , their traditions and customs. You can travel by car , by train, by air, by sea. If you like to see the nature, and you enjoy the process of travelling and you have a route it will be easier if you travel by car. Travelling by train is usually chosen by people who have enough time to get from one place to another . Travelling by air usually preferred by people who haven't got much time and they must quickly get to another city, country or continent. Nowadays there are a lot of businessmen who have to communicate with people from other countries. Every day they must sign a lot of contracts. Sometimes they have to sign several contracts within one day ,for example in France and in Spain .And if there were no planes it would be impossible. Each of us has a lot of relatives and friends. Some of them live in other countries. For example you live in Russia, Moscow and you have some relatives in France or in Britain. You certainly can get to GB by train , and by sea but it will take you a lot of time. It would be easier if you choose a plane. Imagine that something has happened to your friends and you are need very immediately. The plane will help you in this case. Nowadays we try to use fast means of travelling such as a modern high-speed railway in France and certainly planes. As for trains there are railway stations , for planes there are airports. In every airport there are some formalities without which you cannot come or leave the country .At first it is Customs. Every country has it's regulations. Then you are given luggage tags and boarding passes. The last is the Passport control. When you decide to travel by air you can buy first and economy class tickets. The first class is more comfortable than economy and it is always more expensive .In spite of first class tickets being very expensive have some advantages over economy. At first it is more comfortable seats. The dinner is much better then in economy class , and if you have bought a first class ticket you can have 30 kg luggage free of charge. Also you have a private emergency exit for the first class passages only. You have one more advantage : you can take any drinks free. Although flying by plane is very fast it has some inconveniences. There is a jet-lag, a difference between the time you are accustomed to and the new time. At first you won't be very well because of it , but don't worry - it won't take you long to get used to it. As a whole to fly by planes is pleasant and convenient
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