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Every people on all over the world like travel. It's oldest kind of resting people are contrive many ways of travelling by car, bus, ship, plane, aeronautic, on foots. And many other ways. But the oldest one is to travel on foots. My live is not so long. But I travel all of this way . Each of this kind of travel good by its own way. To travel on your own foots for example kind when you may take care about you health because you can go every there, in mountains, forest look in a beautiful views, breathe with clear saturation ozone air. Sitting near fire and listening animals, nature and guitar. Travelling lets people to meet the places of interest on over the world. Try different foods, listening to different music. And in general to know many more about countries. You can do it. Make your choice. Which kind of travelling do you choose it's no so important.
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