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Everyone have spare time. The time when person can do everything he/she like or interested in. Some people prefer to spend their free time slipping at home, watching TV or listening ra-dio; Another like hiking ,travelling, getting with friends visited galleries, cinemas or gathering something. The things which people like to do in their spare time are calls-Hobbies.Hobbies can be different They divide in to 2 sorts. The first it is when person prefer doing something for example watching TV or travailing The second hobby is gathering marks corns audio or video cassettes. As for my I like to gathering audio cassettes. I get a lot of pleasure Gathering cassette with music which I like. I relax then I listen music, not all certainly. Also it is interesting for me to go travel & walk with my friends often visited new places & it is very exiting. We like to vi-sited consertets ,& listen our favourite music Also I interested with computers I like to play computers games making programmes but most of all I enjoy with Internet Every weekend I spend a lot of time in Chats programmes in Internet where people from all over the world meting & talk about news music ,books & many other interesting things. Some times Hobby became a profession for example I have friend he's hobby is music & she wanted to be pianist .For all people hobby is something which relax &entertain them. They help people to have a rest. Without hobbies lives of many people will be dale & ,uniform
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