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The Role of School in your Life. Our School

No doubt that school is our second home. We spend a lot of time at school acquiring deep knowledge, which can help us to understand our life better. It plays an important role in our lives. It is here that characters and views are formed. It is at this time that they grow and make friends and learn to understand life. School helps to mould a personality. Whatever school years may be, they remain in our hearts forever. The word "School" always reminds us of our childhood and youth, of close and dear people. The school where I study is situated not far from my house. It has built in 1974. It is a modern four-storeyed building of all typical design. Our school is named after B.S. Okrestin, hero of the Soviet Union. One can see the memorial complex devoted B.S. Okrestin and nine hero-pilots in front of the school. There is a big sports ground in front of the school, too. Here on the sports ground pupils have classes in physical training. They also have different festivalities here. When you enter the school, you'll see a large gymnasium, a workshop and a canteen on the left. The Headmaster's office is on the ground floor. The cloakroom is downstairs. The classrooms, the laboratories, the doctor's office, the library, the teacher's room, the Assembly Hall, are on the upper floor. Our Physics, Chemistry, Botany and English labs are equipped with TV sets, tape-recorders, record players. Experiments are carried out in the laboratories. The pupils get the scientific knowledge in these labs. All school celebrations, meetings, performances and gatherings are held in the Assembly Hall Our school is a specialized English school and children begin studying English from the first form. The classes are split into three groups: for the language study and there are English lessons almost every day. When the children move up to the 6th form they begin studying the second language-French or German. Being the pupils of an English school they try to do their best to improve the knowledge of the English language, to learn history, culture and traditions of Great Britain and the USA. Our school theatre stages plays by the English and American writers in English. Different traditions are observed in our school. It has become a tradition to mark the Day of Knowledge on the first of September, to receive guests from foreign countries to hold subbotniks. Every year on February 19, we mark B.S. Okrestin's birthday. There is a lot of activity in our school. How school dewlaps our work and study habits. We learn different subjects at school. And school develops our good work and study habits. I think that holding discussions and conversations, writhing compositions and in other activities. (Clubs, societies, schools) because it develops responsibility for our own actions. Getting acquainted with famous people (scientists, artists, actors and writers) attentive listening to teabber's clear explanation helps us to understand the value of help, good advice and encouragement If we want to develop speaking, reading and writing skills we ought to write spelling tests, compositions and dictations, to read more additional literature, to go on educational excursions and nature trips. We ought to acquire a profound and serious knowledge. Industriousness and responsibility, diligent work at the lessons, teacher's encouragement gives us opportunity to develop good work habits. It's very important to carry out experiments and make careful scientific observations if we want to additive high results in natural sciences. Our school is well equipped with special laboratory equipment for carrying out experiments, with tape recorders, record players and slide-projectors
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