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My visiting card.

My name is ANdrey Brysiev. I'm 14 years old. I likve in settlement of Razvilka. It is situated near Moscow, capital of Russia.I go to school in Razvilka. I go to the 9th form "Д". I have a rather big family - Father, Mother, sister and granddad and me. My Father and mother work nearby my house, in Gas Institute. My father is Head of Laboratory. My mother is scientific worker. My is retired. He was a headmaster and a teacher of Geography. I have relatives all over European Russia: near St. Peterburg, near Volgograd, near Orenburg and more. We live in medium flat now. My hobbies are: sports, computing ( especially playing games), music. My favorite music band is Mumiy Troll. My favorite kinds of sports are football, basketball, tennis and a lot more. My sign of the zodiac is Saggitarius. I am a bright represantative of this sign. As all saggitariuses I am very friendly, optimistic and very funny boy. Sometimes I laugh too much and have problems with discipline in school. I like animals and littile children because all are very stupid. I don't know who I'll be in the future, but it surely will be a job I like.
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