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My school

There are many different types of school in our country now- specialised school, gumnasiums, lucees, colleges, private school. They offer different curricula, & you can choose the subjects you need. Our school is secondary school, & it is quite good. All in all, it is quite comfortable for studying. The classrooms are well-equipped, there are chemistry & physics labs, a language lab with tape recorders, headphones & mikes. The teachers are very knowledgeable, & the lessons were always interesting. So we have everything at our disposal, we only have to study. And we study hard, especially in the senior forms. I'm interesting both in natural sciences & the humanities, as I believe a person should have a broad general education. Beside the school building there is a stadium. We have football matches & all kinds of competitions there. Naturally, it isn't just all work & no fun. We have a rock band, & often organise dancing parties with flashing lights & everything. We have different contests, including the one between teams of witty persons. Some of the jokes are quite funny. There is an amateur drama company, & they often stage short sketches by humorist writers. So, our school life is rather eventful & active, leaving no time for bedroom. I like my school & I 'm going to miss my classmates, the easygoing atmosphere, & all the fun we have.
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