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My school.

Our school is rather big. It is a modern 3-storey building and more than 300 pupils study here. When we come to school we leane our coats in the cloak-room. It is on the ground floor. The pupils go there to have lunch during the breaks. Over the dining room there is the gymnasium, where we have our physical training lessons. We sometimes (often) go there after lessons to play volleyball or basketball. The workshops for girls and boys are also on the ground floor. You can also find here the director's office. On the first floor and on the second floor you can find the classrooms for Mathematics, Literature and Russian, Biology and Physics, History and Chemistry. All the classrooms are well-equpped and have everything necessary for studies. Many pupils are very fond of computers and in our school we also have the classroom for Informatics on the second floor (but that computers are very old and practically unusable). We like this lessons very much and often come there after classes. At our shool we also have 2 classrooms for foreign languages on the first floor. At our lessons of English we read and retell english texts, learn english grammar and speak English. We learn a lot about English-speaking countries, about their traditions and read extracts [`ekstr kts] (отрывки) from their books, for example, "Robin Hood", "King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table". We like our school!!! (WE ARE THE BEST...)
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