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My school

Our school was founded in 1929. The school is situated in Sovetskaya street. It is a four-storied building. In front of the school there is a small garden with trees and flowers. Behind it there is a sport ground. On the sports ground pupils have P.T. les-sons when the weather is fine. When you enter the school you'll see a cloak room. The pupils leave their coats and caps here. On the ground floor you can see a gymnasium, work-shops, classroom for music and dining room. The classroom, the laboratories, the library, the teaching room are on the second and third floors. There is a large hall on the third floor and school childrens hold meeting concerts parties, dances there. Entering a classroom you will find three rows of desks, book-cases, different pic-tures and diagrams on the walls. During the years of study at school we acquire deep knolidge in different subjects such as: history, English, French. I like my school and teachers very much.
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