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My friend Nick

I have a lot of friends. But my best friend is Nick. We made friends many years ago when he moved to the same block of flats where we live. Nick is fifteen years old. Hi is a schoolboy. He is going to become a researcher. Nick is a fine fellow. He is good-looking, tall and handsome. His hair is fair, his eyes are blue. He is always well dressed and neat. He is strong and very popular with girls. Nick knows a lot of interesting things. He sings well and likes to tell funny stories. We always meet at the weekends. We discuss books, listen to the music or visit our friends. Nick is always full of life and energy. He is always ready to help people when they are'in need. Nick has good manners. He is modest and sincere. He is very attentive. I am happy tohave such a friend as Nick, and I think he is a true one.
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