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My Family

Family is the most precious thing for me, because this is where I find love & understanding, & support. Our family is quite large by modern standards. It consists of four people - my parents, my younger sister & me. My parents are quite young, about 35, & my sister is four years younger then me. My father is a civil navigator. He spends most of his time at work, so the time when he is home in the evening is something special for my sister & me. My mother is a teacher, & she has more time to spare than my father. We share our problems & secrets with them, & they often give very good advice. There' s often a lot to do about the house, but we are always willing to help with the chores, & everything is done quickly & efficiently. Most of all I like our late dinners or early suppers, when we all gather round the table, & the light of the kitchen lamp creates a relaxed & cosy atmosphere. We talk, & joke, & have fun, because we are all friends. Sundays are also very nice. If the weather is fine, we go skiing in the forest in winter, or to our 'dacha' in summer. In fact, it's just a small cottage on a small plot of land, but we like it a lot, & like to work in the garden, planting, digging, gathering strawberries & tomatoes. But, if I were asked about our family hobby, I would name reading. Reading is a perfect combination of business & pleasure, of intellectual work & entertainment. That's about all. I'm lucky to have such a loving & friendly family, & when I have a family of my own, I will try to make it work on the same lines.
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