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My biography

The topic that is given to me is "My biography". It sounds too meaning full? It means something very important. I am sorry to say that there is little to speak about my short past life. I am too young to have my own family, I am not married yet. My name is Vitaly. My last name is Greezunov. The patronymic is Vadimovich. So my full name is Vitaly Vadimovich Greezunov. I am seventeen years old. I was born on the tenth of May. I am a former pupil. I left school a month ago. I did not attend any nursery or kindergarten. I began to go to school at the age of seven. It was ten years ago. I had been studying at the same school for ten years run-ning without changing it we had many subjects: history, English, biology and many others. I liked to study at school and my impressions of it are rather pleasant and favorite subjects are English and informatics. On the English lessons we read and translate the text and learn new words. On the informatics lessons we write the programs. That is why I choose English examination.
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