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My attitude towards studying a foreign language

Long in the past are the times when studying a foreign language was not welcome and moreover there wasn't much application of it. As luck would have it, he situation has changed greatly thanks to the expansion of all types of ties of this country with other countries in the world. A person who has a good command of a foreign language feels at ease not only in his native country but abroad, too, if he finds himself there. Here is a familiar quotation of Johnson's: "Language is the dress of thought", and the knowledge of two or more languages will help us to "dress", i. e to word, our thoughts better still. A truly learned person should know a foreign language, which will enable him to read English books in the original, to communicate with foreigners, to participate in cultural and education exchanges with other countries. Many joint ventures have been and are being set up of late, and the knowledge of a foreign language will provide you with a change of dealing with it. As for as I am concerned, I am fond of English. I began studying it five years ago and I have enjoyed every moment of my English lessons since that time. I like everything about English: its intonation, its sound, its rhythm, its idiomatic expressions and so on and so forth. The trouble is the number of classes at school is very few, that is why I do my best to make up for it: I read English books; have additional classes with a teacher of English, listen to radio programmes in English. But the most important things is, to my mind, speaking to native speakers. I cannot say that I have had many chances, but I have made the best of these I have had. Thanks to my communication with native speakers I came to know something about conversational English, an easy task as it might seem. It is necessary to know English grammar well, to have a good stock of vocabulary and have a knack of speaking English and thinking in it. Of course, I haven't mastered all this yet but I am absolutely sure that in a few years my command of the language will be perfect, because it depends on nobody but myself and I am determined to achieve the aims I am pursuing. After I have mastered English, which ranks second in a great number of countries, I shall begin learning another foreign language.
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