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It is difficult to choose a profession

Two occupations attract me a lot. I like to talk with small children and explain things to them and I like to write computer programs. I often think which one is most favourable and can not decide which profession to choose. I was born in a family of a teacher. When I was a little girl I went to school with my mother attending her lessons. I watched her and I wanted my mother to be a favourite and most respected teacher and the older friend for the pupils. Once our English teacher caught a cold. I was in the 9th form then and was fond of English. The head teacher asked me to give an English lesson in the 5th form. I entered the classroom and was terrified at first with all those pupils' eyes stared at me. But I tried to get concentrated and said "Good morning" in a quite and friendly voice. Then it was all right. I wanted the pupils to like English just like I do. We read, wrote, sang songs, asked and answered questions. Since then I gave English lessons for several times when the teacher was absent and it was an exciting experience. So, I know the job well and I was quite certain which profession should I choose until daddy bought a personal computer. Since then everything has changed much. First it was impossible for me to understand how it works. Now I am an amateur programmer and my father says that I am certainly have an ability for programming. I still have a year ahead to decide, but now I am not quite sure...
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