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Foods you like and dislike. Describe any recipe.

Meals play an important role in human life. Because it contained indispensable ingredients for life activity of our organism. Such as dioxides, fats, minerals and vitamins. They are contained in fish, vegetables, fruits, meat and other food stuffs . To be healthy man should eat 3 times a day. For lunch people usually eat buiscuits, toasts, sandwiches, cheese and drink coffee or tea with cream and sugar accordingly to your taste . For dinner we eat some soup, salad and fowl, fish or meat with garnish. Many people have to eat out of home in restaurants or in cafes . In such places you can order French fries, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, crisps, pizza and many others, but these meals are very harmful for our health. There are people who like salty and spicy or sweet food. Also we all like roasted and grilled food , but such it is also very harmful . Nowadays a lot of people believe that only healthy food must be eaten. They don't eat spaghetti, chops, sausages, grilled meat fish, fowl. They prefer to eat boiled and stewed vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, egg-plants, carrots. They certainly eat meat and fish but only boiled. Also there are people who don't eat meat or fowl at all . They are vegetarians. But it isn't good, because in fish and in meat there are some ingredients without which our health won't be strong. In all big cities you can find Indian, Chinese Japanese and other oriental restaurants . Nowadays you can order you favourite meals by telephone, but despite it a lot of people like to cook themselves .Before cooking something you must buy some food stuffs. In big cities there are supermarkets and department stores where you can buy everything you need in daily life: from a tooth brush up to cars and furniture. Certainly you can buy there any you food stuffs. like Also there are food shops and markets. In markets it is better to buy greens, vegetables and fruits. Meat, fowl and fish it is safer to bay in shops because they must be kept refrigerator. As for me I like salty and spicy food . For example I'll never refuse to eat grilled meat or stuffed egg-plants. I like caviar, shrimps, pate, bacon, cold pork.
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