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In the turbulent centures that followed the Norman invasi- on, several efforts were made to establish universities in Ireland. In 1311, John de Leah, Archbishop of Dublin, obtained a bull from Pope Clement V authorizing him to establish a uni- versity in Dublin, but he died before anithing could be accom- plished. An attempt was made in 1465 to found a university in Drogheda; this was to be endowed, as far as the Prliament of the England Pale could do it, with all the rights and privile- ges of the university of Oxford. The parliament concerned was presided over by Tomas, Earl of Desmond; two ears later he was attainted and beheaded, his estates were confiscated, and once more the idea of a university came to nothing.At last,in 1591, the idea was realized.
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