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Study and plans for the future

This school year is very important for us, because we must decide what to do after leaving school. There different ways for us to choose. Those who like technique can become engineers and work in the field of industry. Those who like nature can become agronomists and work in agriculture, school-leavers who want to work directly with people may become doctors and teachers. Many young people follow the examples of their parents and choose their professions. I think it is not bad, as they know these professions better. There are school-leavers who choose only modern professions such as an economists and lowers. I don't think that it is bad, but in nowadays there are a lot of economists and lowers and it is not easy for them to find work. So the main thing for us is to choose our future profession correctly to satisfy our own fasts and needs and to work with the best results. As for me, I want to be an expert in foreign relations (diplomat), but it is very difficult to enter the university, there I can study foreign relations. What's why, most likely, I will have to become an economists, it is not bad profession and I try to get at once two specialty: marketing and finances and credit.
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