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There are twelve residental schools of Rural Domestic Eco- nomy,seven of which operate under the Department of Agricultu- re and Fisheries. The schools are privately owned,but the Sta- te subsidized and subject to inspection in the same way as agricultural colleges.Students are admitted from the age of 15 upwards.The course runs from September until June.The syllabus comprises theoretical and practical instrustion in the follow- ing subjects: - Poultrykeeping, Dairing, Cookery, Housewifery, Dressmaking, Laundry, Arts and Crafts, Phisiology, Higiene, First Aid and Home Nursing, Horticulture and general subjects. At the end of the course, a standart examination compris- ing written,oral and practical tests, is heid and certificates are awarded to successful candidates.About 600 young women at- tend these schools annually. Over 250 scholarships awarded by County Committes of Agriculture, each year, are tenable at the schools. In addition, capitation grants are payable for each eligible pupil.Some pupils who complete the session at a rural domestic economy school proceed to other studies, for careers in Poultry Specialization, Farm Home Management, Domestic Sci- ents,Hotel Management,or Nursing.The course at the schools is, however, a good training for all future housewives. The Munster Institute, Cork, under the Department of Agri- culture and Fisheries, conducts advanced courses for selected pupils from rural domestic economy schools:
1.A three year course in Farm Home Menagement.
2.A three year course in Poultry Specialization.
3.A one year course in Poultry Husbundry.
Girls who complete the three years courses are employed as instructors by the Country Committees of Agroculture, or as teachers. Girls who cmplete the year's course in Poultry Hus- bundry are employed as technicians in the poultry industry.
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