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Education in Russia.

Everyone in our country has the right to education. It is said in our Constitution. But it is not only a right, it is a duty, too. Every boy and every girl in Russia must go to school, that is they must get a full secondary education. So, when they are 6 or 7 years old they begin to go to school. There are thousands of schools in Russia. There are schools of general education, where the pupils study Russian (or a native language), Literature, Mathematics, History, Biology, Geography, Music, Foreign languages. There is also a number of specialized schools, where the pupils get profound knoledge of foreign languages, or Maths, or Physics. After finishing 9 classes of the secondary school the young people can continue their education at different kinds of vocational or technical schools, colleges. They not only learn general subjects, but receive a speciality there. Having finished a secondary or a vocational, or a technical school, young people can start working, or they may enter an institute or a university. By the way, some people think, that professional trainings makes it easier to get a higher education. As for high schools, there are a lot of them in our country. Some of them train teachers, others - doctors, engineers, architectors, actors and so on. Many institutes have evening and extra-mural departments. That gives the students an oportunity to study at an institute without leaving their jobs at plants or factories.
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