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Seasons and weather

There are four seasons in the year: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Each of them lasts three month. In Kazakhstan winter is usually a cold season. It often snows. The most unpleasant thing about winter is that the sun sets early and rises late - especially in December and January. The days are short, the sky is often grey, nature is slipping and sometimes it gets rather boring. But at the and of March the weather gets gradually milder. The sun shines more brightly. The days become longer. The snow begins melting. Spring comes and nature awakes after a long sleep of winter. All kinds of plants and flowers come out. The birds return from the South and build their nests. The farmers begin the sowing campaign. Everything around is full of life and joy. Spring is followed by summer. The weather gets still warmer and some times it is very hot. The sky is blue and cloudless. But sometimes there are storms with thunder and lightning. The gardens are gay with flowers all summer months. In summer people spend much time in the open air. Autumn comes in September. Early autumn is still the harvest time, the time when the fruits and vegetables become ripe. It is also a very beautiful time in the year, when the weather is still warm and the leaves change their colour for green to yellow. But towards the end of October the weather gets colder and colder. There is much rain and fog. Leaves fall from trees and cover the ground. Birds fly away to the warm countries. Low and heavy clouds hang in the sky. Nature slowly falls asleep for winter. In fact every season has its fine days and is pleasant in its own way. And it is not difficult to see this beauty.
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