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The problems of Modern Cities and Villages

We can't say that the problems of villages and cities are the same. If we speak about problems of any city first of all we should speak about the problems traffic is heavy, numerous enterprises emit tons of harmful substances and to breath is often a real threat to people's health. A problem of transport is also important. There are few cities with underground stations. People of many cities and towns have to spend much time in buses, cars, and trams getting to their offices, schools, colleges, and plants. Another serious problem of nowadays existed in cities is unemployment. The economical situation in the country is rather complicated: many factories are going bankrupt, close and as a result of it many people loose their work. One of the problems is lock of fresh water. People can't use running water all day long. Besides, the quality of water is often bad. A new problem is the problem of education. New types of schools are the private schools have appeared lately. No doubt that the level of education in high schools is higher than in ordinary schools. But only children of well-paid parents can attend classes there. The problem of using drugs is mostly the problem of cities. People living in the countryside have much work to do. They are busy from morning till night working in the fields, looking after poultry and cattle. The work, which they do, is not always mechanized. So countrymen don't have enough time to rest. Most of the houses in villages haven't got modern conveniences, what makes the life of people living there more difficult. Countrymen can't go to museums or theatres, they can't go to concerts of pop singers. Many villages are situated far from cities and it takes much time to get there. As a rule there are no good hospitals in villages and medical services in the countries leave much to be desired.
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