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Protection of environment.

People have been polluting their environment since time immemorial. Toxic chemical waste, nuclear waste, deforestation, greenhouse effect, thoughtless exploitation of natural resources- all this has brought mankind to the age of abyss. The Earth can be saved only by united efforts of major industrial powers. A lot has been done & is being done in this respect. You can see the mark Ozone- friendly on most aerosol cans. But the hole in the ozone layer keeps on growing. The whales are still being killed in spite of the protest actions of Greenpeace. I personally think that solution is in safety precautions. Such as installing hi- tech purification systems & waste free production methods. On the other hand the most of Western countries are overproducing. Production & consumption should be balanced. That is my point of view. Besides, people should be conscious of their environment. Just don't litter, & that already will be a step towards protecting the environment.
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