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Generation Gap.

Most people say that а family is very important for them. They like to repeat that families give them а sense of tradition, strength and purpose in their lives. ''Our families show what we are", they say. Most parents teach their children to respect elder people and observe holidays. But the most important thing for а family is to give an emotional support and security. The right family values help boys and girls to gain confidence and resist the influence of bad friends. Teenagers often consider their parents old-fashioned, unaware of the latest style. As for their parents they do their best to give their children а better chance than they had themselves. After finishing school children often try to get complete independence, they leave their homes and sometimes even their native towns. Staying with parents has its negative and positive aspects but children must understand that parents don' t want to do them any harm. That's why sometimes young people have to listen to criticism from their parents. Some people often speak about the so-called "generation gap" that is а gap in views between parents and teenagers, but the majority of people think that this generation gap is sometimes exaggerated. Very often children feel neglected in their families. When they find cruelty, indifference and misunderstanding in their families they become divide and heartless themselves. As а result children feel hurt and some of them try to escape from the reality by tuning to alcohol and drugs. So all of us should pay more attention to family problems, we must avoid quarrels and look for consent. We must remember about spiritual values and all people should live in peace and harmony.
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