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Advantages and disadvantages of living in modern flat and in the country house.

Nowadays a lot of people live in big cities because it is very comfortable, as you can find everything you need in everyday life very quickly. But too many people cannot live there because there isn't enough place for everybody. People have to live in high buildings in modern flats. In Moscow we can see 12-17 storied buildings with one, two and tree- room flats. There are modern facilities such as telephone, central heating, running water, electricity and gas. You can use such electricity devices as : TV sets, hi-fi systems, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, microwave ovens, electric irons and many others. They help in our daily life .There are people who don't like to live in cities they prefer to be alone in a small country house near a river or a lake . They like to walk in the morning in the forest and breath fresh air, and enjoy silence. Many people will gladly spend a few days in the country but despite of it we have got used to achievements of civilization that when we find out ourselves appear fare from them we do not know what to do and feel lonely . Besides in Russian villages there aren't any conveniences at all. Certainly there is electricity but usually it is not on . Also there isn't central heating and in winters people have to burn oven as in the last century. In the day time you can walk in the garden , but in the evening everything you can do is to read a books by a candle. To living in such conditions is very hard for a city dweller. Nowadays a lot of people try to build big houses near cities and spend their week-ends there. Because besides all facilities there are some inconveniences. The main reason why people leave cities are bad ecological conditions. Noise, polluted air and water makes health of the man weak. After hard working day people come home and want to rest but nose from heavy traffic in streets will not allow to do that. As for me I prefer to live in the city, because I feel uncomfortably. When I'm fare from telephone, electricity and other facilities. People invented one more way to communicate with other people it is internet. Without the telephone and electricity I cannot use it . I like city but some times it is pleasant to stay in the country for a while.
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