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Science possesses a very great creative potential which lets the people explore the world. They exploring new territories ,Always ready to face the unknown We know a lot of people who de-voted their lives to scientific work. They were sure their work was carried out for the benefit to society. Science did a lot to improve the life of society. Among them Michael Faraday-English Physicist & Chemist, Tommas Edison the inventor of electric lights & hundredth & hundredths of other scientists .in the world every year held a lot of premiums for the achievements of the year in different directions in science. The main premium of Alfred Nobel. It appeared in1896 & it is steal the main premium for scientist. Nobel himself was a very good chemist & excellent linguist His greatest wish, however ,was to see an end to wars, & thus peace between nations ,& he spend much time & money working for this course until his death in Italy in 1896.His famous will, in which he left money to provide prizes for outstanding work in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, Medicine, Literature & Peace, is a memorial to his interests & ideals. There are scientist working for Good. For example Einstein devoted theories that gave birth to the atomic age. He realized that the atomic age put in-to man's hands a power greater than he had ever known. It prove that scientists work can be useful or determined all depend from person how make discovery.
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