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Youth Subculture

Every generation has its own culture in music, fashion, and hair-do. Older people can't understand it: they think that girl's skirts are too short or too long. They consider our clothes to be too colorful. They don't like our hair-do, they think it is a bad idea to have hair of different colors. Besides they don't like when boys have long hair. What makes grownups angry and nervous - is our music. Older people consider hard-rock, rap and rave not to be music, but combinations of terrible sounds. Surely it is difficult to compare music of their times with ours. We think that their music is dull, not energetic enough. The way we dance gets on our parents nerves as well. But we like our dances as they help us to relax and give optimism. They say that young people have their own language. It is not so, as we have just a number of word-combinations having unusual meaning. Our fathers and mothers say that it is impossible to understand us when we speak that way. Our parents want us to read books and to go to picture galleries. But we prefer to watch video-films, to raise our cultural level getting information about cultural treasures with the help of computers.
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