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Your experience of shopping abroad, (if any) and in your city.

In the world there are a lot of women who like to do shopping . they can spend all day visiting different supermarkets and department stores searching to new clothes and trying on them. As for me I don't like shopping. I think that there are a lot of other interesting things in the world. Many people like to buy things in other countries , because they remind them later of their nice trip. When I was in Finland I saw a lot of big supermarkets such as Stockman, Sockas and Galagen. Also I visited the biggest shopping centre in Europe - Etackeskas. European shops usually occupies 4-5 storied buildings . On the ground or first floor you can buy any food staffs you like. On the second floor there are lady's and men's departments . On the third level you can usually buy clothes for children. We try to buy different things and clothes abroad because we think or know that's their quality of them is better in European countries than in ours. The service in them certainly better than in ours shops because it began to develop much earlier than in Russia. When a customer comes to a shop the shop assistant will always answer any question and try to do his best for you . Also every season there is a week or two of sales. In Europe the biggest sales begin two weeks before Christmas. Since for standards of living in Europe are higher and the economic situation is better than in our country it is much more convenient to pay the bill in shops . In all civilised countries the system of credit cards is introduce . Due to it you needn't carry money with you at all, a credit card allows to pay for everything from the cars and to buttons. Not long ago the credit card system come to Russia. Every day there is more shops permit clients to pay bill by credit cards. For the last 10 years in Moscow modern shops have been opened such as Okhotniy rayd , Petrovskiy Pasazh, Gallery Nautilus, Ramstore and many others . The level of these shops is close to the European one. . I hope that with every year a lot of new boutiques appeared and they will sell the Russian made goods.
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