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You like your flat and your district. Speak in fever of the place.

I live in Moscow, in North Orekhovo - Borisovo district. It is situated in the South of the city. In my district there is Tzarizansky park . It is a very old park and it has it own interesting history. Catherine I liked the village called "Black mud" and she ordered architectures Kazakov and Bazhenov to build there a residence, but as the name of the village was not appropriate for a summer residence of empress it was decided to rename it to Tzarizano. When everything was ready Catherine I didn't like the building of Big Palace and the architects began to remake it but they didn't finish their work. For the many years it remained unfinished. But about 5 or 7 years ago old buildings were restored. A lot of people like to walk there and breathe fresh air . It is very important that in our district there is a forest. It cleans the air. Ecology conditions in our district are bad as the winds from the North bring polluted air, also in our district there are a lot of industrial projects. For example near my house the Tobacco fabric "Ducat" are situated. I live in a 3 room flat. There are 2 bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. In my room there is a wardrobe , a bed, a desk ,a computer, a tape recorder and some pot plants. In the kitchen there is a table with chairs , a refrigerator , a microwave oven , roaster, and a TV set. In the living room there is a sofa, a TV set , a hi-fi system and a table with chairs. Besides Tzarizansky park there is another historical place in our district Kolomenskoe .It is a park too. In warm days it is very pleasant to walk there with friends . I like my district because nowadays a lot of new interesting shops and places opened here and in has become more modern. Certainly it is a pity that out district is situated very far from the center of Moscow and it takes me a lot of time to get there, but near my house there is Domodedovskaya metro station which is very good. The only thing I wish is a better ecological situation in our district and then everything will be OK .
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