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Getting a View of the whole World

Everywhere, everyday, exiting things are happening. Each day is filled with news. People learn news and views. While reading newspapers and magazines, taking over the telephone or they are kept informed by watching TV or listening to the radio. TV dominates the life of the family most of the time. The TV set isn't just a piece of further. It's someone who is "one of the family." TV is one of the best inventions the man ever made. We are really beginning to forget what the world was without TV. Everybody knows what a great force is TV in the world today. Thanks to TV we get a great amount of information. It gives wonderful possibilities for education. It enriches our intellect. We become better informed by watching documentaries, science programs, discussions and political issues of the day. TV gives us opportunities to see the best actors, sport matches, to meet famous people. TV brings the world to our room. We see people in our country and in other lands and learn of their customs, occupations, opinions, problems. We become more cultured people by learning more of the arts. TV helps us to relax after a hard days work. Besides there is a considerable amount of TV programs (News, current affairs viewpoint. Musical Reviews, Sports Review, Travellers Clubs. Good-nisht Kids. etc) and they gather bia audience. Thev orovide useful topics for conversation, wise heated discussions. Current Affairs (Viewpoint, News) These programs deal with political and social problems of modern society. Their aim is to give an analyze of the problems and to show different viewpoints. They are concerned with the counties national events. They show meetings with famous political analysts, discussing the most topical political problems of today. Musical reviews presents songs, pop groups, folk songs. It's very popular with TV reviews. But tastes are different. Some people are against TV. They say that TV is doing a lot of harm. It occupies a lot of spare time, our free time is given to TV. For instance, people used to have hobbies, to meet friends, to go to the cinemas or to the theaters and sporting events, to read books or to listen to the music. Nowadays whole generations are growing addicted to the televisions. Children sit down watching TV hour after hour. They don't do their homework, they don't play in the fresh air, they don't read good books and they ruin their eyesight, besides, it can be very inconvenient to those who don't want to watch TV. The radio is turned on the most of the time. It doesn't interfere with you activities. You can listen to the radio while doing some work about the house, reading books or driving a car. On the radio we can hear music, plays, news and various commentary and discussions. Such broad casts are popular with the listeners as they can hear various opinion. There is a lot of advertising on TV and radio. Advertising promotes business and businessmen but always annoys the general public.
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